new year’s eve and why it sucks

So sorry, Savannah (unless other people are on here. Hello, other people!!), Mummy Dearest was busy looking up obscure indieish tracks saving baby koalas watching Supernatural doing important things and couldn’t keep up with her bloggity blog thingy. But you need not worry, for it is part of Mummy Dearest’s New Year’s Resolutions to keep her bloggity blog thingy in check, yo. In fact, I have a complete list if you’d like to see them. It doesn’t matter if you want to or not, anyways, I have tied you to a chair and duct-taped your mouth shut.


because even the most amazing people need to make changes -_-

1. Keep bloggity blog thing in check, yo. Post interestingable stuff on here, daily, and not be boring. *shoots smiley-faced wall* *hopes someone out there understood that reference*

2. Save money to buy iPad. Lol like that’s gonna happen, what with my extreme online shopping addiction.

3. Be social. Where are all the wild parties, the fun movie-going, the group date extravanaganzas? With the not-dorky people where you left them when you started watching Doctor Who, stupid. At least be social with the other fangirls/fanmen out there .-.

4. Be nicerererer to people who don’t deserve nicererererness. Because one day they’ll die and you’ll be like “whyyyy wasn’t I nicerererer to them???”.

5. Also keep deviantartyfarty thingy in check, yo. *shrugs*

Well, I’m going to stop referring to myself as Mummy Dearest because none of you are my children (I am simply the girl who lives in the internet and feeds off Cheetos and leftover ham and I have never nor will ever have children. Mainly because I have a disease known as Nevergonnagetlaid syndrome. But also because birthing, ick) and tell you why New Year’s Eve wasn’t awesome.

You ready?

You sure?


I went to a lock-in at CHURCH.



TBH, my church really isn’t THAT bad, mainly because I have lots of funny and sweet friends in my youth group, and the kids are cute, and our youth leaders are cool and not at all oldyish or mommyish, but sometimes it’s awk. *wibbles* I don’t really think of myself as Christian anymore, I mainly just go to see my friends nowadays. So this NYE, I had a choice between a) sitting on the couch in my TMNT pyjamas playing Super Mario Bros. whilst my mom drives around getting totally wonkfaced DRINKING RESPONSIBLY, or b) running around an empty church with my friends and downing multiple cans of cheap soda.

I think you can see the clear winner here.

The night started out as it ALWAYS DOES (tis tradition). Dear Sister of Mine decided that it was crucial to veg out on the couch until exactly ten minutes before we were supposed to leave. Then she decided she wanted to go do her all out makeup/hair/clothing routine. Naturally, she demanded the front seat so she could do her makeup. I said no. She decided to bitch about it, then mum got pissed off, then she got pissed off and slammed the door to the car on my arm. Not like, ON it, I was holding it open and she forced my arm back, if you get the picture, no? They had a whole blowout argument thing, and Melanie was sobbing like a child, and I just kinda curled into a little ball of limbs and angst and put my earphones in and listened to Green Day for a bit *wibbles some more*. They argue like, nightly, and I’m sick sick sick of it. It kicked off the night appropriately.

We arrived at church, and Dear Sister of Mine remained in the vehicle to do her makeup, get reprimanded, etc. I met up with some of my buddies and the adults had us circle up for prayer time. Eh… then they went over the “schedule”. I have never been to a lock-in before, so I thought we were just gonna get hyper and crash at around four am. Nope. There was a schedule. AND WE MUST ABIDE BY SAID SCHEDULE, LEST THE LORD ZAP YOU WITH LIGHTNING SHOT FROM HIS HOLY NIPPLES. Thankfully, the schedule kind of went from Sirius Partying With Darts from 7-7:30!!!!11!!!1!!! to Let’s Lounge Around and Play Apples to Apples Whilst Watching The Avengers for the rest of the night. There was no Holy Nipple Lightning involved. Anyways, we all rallied downstairs to play Dartball. How does one play Dartball? I don’t really know. You try to hit these little triangles or circles on the board and sometimes people cheer and sometimes people groan and either way you get scared you might skewer yourself/others with a dart. It went better than I expected and I actually caused quite a bit of cheering for my team and we trash-talked the other team and yay funz. And no skewering either. WIN!

Then we went upstairs to play a game called Sardines. Basically, there’s one or two people who hide in one spot, and everyone tries to find them, and when they do, they squeeze in that spot so they’re like a little sardine sandwich. And you’re supposed to “hunt” in a dark church by yourself. But that didn’t happen. Krystal, Christall, Melanie, and Caroline traversed the hallways like a pack of chattering wildebeests, and didn’t do much looking for peoples. Nicole and Anna and I partnered up both games, and it was actually fun, even if we didn’t play right. Me and Anna went downstairs and since the Downstairs=Underground, it was totally utterly pitch black. And we weren’t allowed to use our flashlights or phones or anything. It was scary and I swear to God And His Holy Lightning Shooting Nipples I thought a demon or a windigo would pop out and make us die a horrid bloody death, but no, we survived. The second game, people were actually down there and ACK I got scared. We had to sit down there in the dark. Not fun. And it really shouldn’t be called Sardines because we didn’t all fit in one spot, we kinda sat on the couches and waited for Slenderman to kill us for people to find us.

After Sardines we played a game called Grog, where someone called the Grog takes apart a flashlight and hides the pieces in plain sight (on tables, chairs, etc.). Then everyone else has to find them, put the flashlight together, and shine it on the Grog. Like in Freeze Tag, the Grog tags people and they have to freeze in place. They also scream really loud when they get tagged. I was good at that part. Chris was the Grog and he scared the crap out of everyone by stomping down the halls like a serial killer or something. When I tried to get out of the hallway he got right in my face, so I used one of the poppers my mom sent along with me for NYE. He sputtered and I ran away. Then he RAGEQUIT because “no one took him seriously meh”. Lol cheers?

Anyways, we ended up ringing in the New Year praying to God And His Holy Lightning Shooting Nipples about what we wanted to do for the New Year’s for Him. When it was my turn I kinda mumbled some stuff about how I wanted to know if he was real or not and it sparked a whole DISCUSHUN OMGZ about how we (the “young adults”) have the Gospel hammered into our heads at a young age and if we reject that, we get so much shart for it. And it’s true. I told my mom I wasn’t that Christian and she broke out in tears. I felt really bad for doing so but she needed to know. And afterwards she started saying that I “needed help” and “we’re going to get you back on track again” and I sort of just made nodding movements and stuff but really? I don’t think anything will happen.

The night pretty much went on uneventfully, we just watched movies and ate cheetos. Half of us fell asleep.

This NYE didn’t really suck as bad as the years before, but still– not a lot of fun. Here’s the New Year’s Hall of Fame:

2012: Watched reruns of CSI: Miami. With Snuggie and a bowl of popcorn.

2010: Hung out in brother’s room playing old video games and eating pizza. Everyone else in said room was under nine.

2009: Given juice boxes by creepy old man. I haven’t seen him at our parties since.

2005: Stuck at neighbor’s house. Neighbor was old and smelled of baby powder and spaghetti sauce. Gave my siblings and I stale graham crackers whilst parents held a party at the house.

Anyways. I hate New Year’s and can’t wait to get drunk.


Funny Picture of the Day


Who else saw Les Mis? It made ME cry. I NEVER EVER EVER cry at movies. EVER.

Peace, my nizzles.

xx Bree


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