highschoolaphobia and other things


So I am currently typing in science class, and I know I’m not supposed to but the sub is like “lalalalaaaaa ooh this book is really good” and I just NEED TO TYPE because the things that took place in third period today.

Said things that occurred in third period were what, you ask? Counselors from the nearest high school. With our filly-out boxes that hold the DESTINIES OF OUR YOUNG LIVES omgomgomgomg.

Okay, let’s just put this out in the open, yo. I AM NOT READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL. Okay? Good. I’m not. I’m lazy, I’m a procrastinator, and I still laugh if someone says “penis”. I’m scared to death of high school. I mean, not of seniors-and-such I don’t care what they think, buuuuuuuuuuuut the classes. I want to be put in good classes that aren’t extremely hard and are filled with my wonderful loving just-as-immature friends, and not difficult classes with bitchy girls and guys who like to slap the asses of bitchy girls. And holy fucktards homework. They say that the amount of homework they give you at the-high-school-I-am-going-to-which-I-am-taking-extreme-caution-not-to-mention-in-case-people-who-enjoy-sending-pictures-of-their-genitalia-to-unassuming-girls-are-perusing-my-blog-and-just-saying-bro-if-this-description-fits-you-then-I-command-thee-to-GTFO is enough to drive one insane. My sister is a sophomore, and is usually quite levelheaded. Nowadays, she has like, mental breakdowns NIGHTLY over homework. It’s baaaaaad. Especially because we get absolutely no homework in eighth grade. I’m gonna die. Fuck fuck fuck.


I’m sorry for smothering everyone my lovely followers/internet friends with my real life, as it isn’t that interesting, but this is a bit big for me. It’s kind of crucial to me to do well in school. It feels a bit early to think about it, but I really want to study at NYU (art or teaching degree, i dunno which. how about both? lol), then traverse the galaxy TO PIGFARTS, then return to NYC to teach people. And er, I get in trouble if I don’t get A’s -_-

UPDATE: My fellow bloggers know of the feature where you can see where your website is being viewed. Not like exact addresses, because that, babies, is called stalking, and is frowned upon in most cultures. So I can’t send photos of my non-existent genitalia to you guys. You’re welcome. Anyways, apparently someone from Estonia likes my blog ^_^ Interestingly enough, I’m half-Estonian. *waves from ‘murica* HELLO MY BRETHREN! TERE MINU VENNAD!! Või õed. Ah, you know what I mean. And yes, I used Google Translate for that, so soz if it says “chinchilla nipples” or something. That definitely never happened when I emailed my bubba enclosed with French words I “learned” -_-

Slightly less freaked out about high school. But nonetheless freaked. Gonna go watch Sherlock and maybe write some Johnlock fluff later to calmthefuckdown. Cheers! (yay british terms)

UPDATE: Now people from Singapore are here. and omg someone looked up “leo valdez sex” and got to my blog. Uhmm.
*is hypocritical*



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