Sick=suck pt. 2: STAY AWAY FROM SLASH

Recipe for Health-ness, according to Ami

x5 fluffy blankets
x1 bigass Fresno State sweatshirt
xInfinite mugs of mint tea
x1 Mum’s iPad for blogging
x2 tylenol pills per 12 hours
x3 motrin pills per 12 hours
x1 dosage of that cough medicine that tastes like an orc’s ass
x1 Doctor Who marathon

Throw on couch. Mix until face isn’t feeling like the Land of Heat and Clockwork and throat isn’t feeling like a bunch of middle school kids thumping their feet to “We Will Rock You” continually.

*waves at Ami* Thanks for the advice. I dunno if it’s working, tho.

Boooooooooooooooored. Am going to look up slash fanfiction.

UPDATE: Omg irl friends I FOUND THE SNARRY FANFICTION. I’m gonna reread it.

UPDATE: bad idea v bad idea that was the wrong one oh god so much dick

UPDATE: gonna look at forever 21 clothes.

UPDATE: Oh the poor things. They look so cold and skinny in their shorts and bodycon skirts. Jesus Chrasss. Homegirl needs a cheeseburger.

Dear Ms. Emma Watson,
Can we please trade bodies and hair and makeup and lives and the fact that you kissed Rupert Grint multiple times and the fact that I have been kissed by my bubba.
xx Sabrina.

UPDATE: Found a fanfiction where Snape wants to shag Hermione. It’s a big club, bro. Let’s make t-shirts.


UPDATE: someone take this keyboard away from me ffs

UPDATE: As the wise and talented Barney Stinson once said, SUIT UP.


Although I doubt he was ever in his footie pajamas when he said that.

UPDATE: I know everyone here is just like “cool story bro” so I’m gonna quit my drug-induced ramblings and go sleep. Peace.



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