Guinea pigs

Hey. My name is Sabrina and I live in the internet.

Loljk. I live in Boonieville, USA, with a bunch of hicks who like to smoke and mudwrestle.

My life’s ambition is to travel the globe. And dye my hair red to piss off my parents.

I am a crazy fangirl with an abundance of FEELZ ASDGHJKL;JHWQEGXBAEBLKFGIUCCXGWBKBCRUTIGBVKJCXB. If you are a fangirl or a fanman, we should totally become Internet Friends and fly to PIGFARTS!!!

*hopes that someone out there understood that reference*

I like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Uh-vatar (the cartoons, not the crap movie), Homestuck, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, anime, indie/rock/electronic/anythingbutOneDirection, Tom Felton and food. Basically, I have no life.

If you want to send me money/spam me with links to gay porn/talk about your cat, email me at

You should also click the button that says “YAY INTERNET FRIENDS”. It increases your chances of having me as an ally for the zombie apocalypse. And it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And it sends you reminders for when you want to look at my stuff. TRIPLE WIN!

Well then.


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